Offset your lifestyle.

The average American emits over 2 tonnes each month. That’s like driving coast-to-coast, or inflating a balloon the size of a two-story house. Every. Single. Month.

The Offsetra subscription is not a free pass to keep emitting. It is a way for people to make up the difference-- when your responsibilities or living situation prevent you from living climate friendly.

2 tonnes.

$12 monthly contribution.

Why subscribe?

🌱 Get regular updates from the Offsetra team, including current and upcoming projects.

💪 Join the movement-- help Offsetra stay afloat and help us achieve our goal of offsetting 1,000,000 tonnes!

✅ Every month, receive a personalized certificate from a third-party public carbon offset registry, validating your carbon offset.

Where does the money go?

2.9% + $0.30 - Payment processing (Stripe).

$5 - Flat Offsetra transaction fee.

  • ✅ Assurance. Project research, transparency and updates.

  • 📈Growth. Help us achieve our goal of removing or averting 1 million tonnes of CO2.
  • 💻Customer support, technology & operations costs.

Remainder - straight to our portfolio of high-impact carbon reduction projects and investments!

Still skeptical?