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Offsetra's approach to business.


Transparency, expert curation and maximum impact.

How we help strengthen the carbon economy

The global carbon market is equivalent to 20% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, equal to to approximately 4 billion round trip flights from New York to London. “Pricing in” market externalities like carbon emissions and allowing individuals and businesses to trade them is one of the most effective means at our disposal in creating a viable pathway forward toward a low-carbon future. Offsetra’s goal is to empower people to join the carbon economy and offset their own personal emissions.

We take transparency seriously. All of the offsets we offer have passed through strict 3rd party validation and oversight. When you choose us to help you offset your emissions you'll receive an internationally recognized certificate. In fact, all carbon offsets traded legitimately can be viewed publicly. Your efforts to help pave the way forward to a low carbon economy will be recognized!