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Cryptovoxels has offset 1,528,000 kilograms of CO2.

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a very energy-intensive network, so we've partnered with Cryptovoxels to help them calculate and offset their fair share of the network's emissions.

1,528,000kg CO2 is equivalent to:

🍔 382,000 cheeseburgers

🐄 694 cows (annual emissions)

🚙 3,820,000 miles of driving (average passenger vehicle)

💳 119,937 Ethereum transactions.

By volunteering to offset these emissions, Cryptovoxels is supporting quality, third-party certified projects with a range of additional social and environmental benefits!

View carbon registry certificates:

2021-05 (.pdf) Agrocortex REDD Project - 25 Tonnes2021-05 (.pdf) Bull Run Forest Carbon Project - 25 Tonnes2021-04 (.pdf) Agrocortex REDD Project - 31 Tonnes2021-04 (.pdf) Bull Run Forest Carbon Project - 32 Tonnes2021-04 (.pdf) Cerro de Hula Wind Project - 31 Tonnes2021-03 (.pdf) Agrocortex REDD Project - 461 Tonnes2021-03 (.pdf) Bull Run Forest Carbon Project - 462 Tonnes2021-03 (.pdf) Cerro de Hula Wind Project - 461 Tonnes

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