THX Network has offset 86 tonnes of CO2.

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THX Network decided to offset up to 10x their emissions, effectively becoming a carbon positive project.

Verified Projects

By partnering with us, THX Network is investing in our verified projects. These verifications & standards are a testament to the strong co-benefits of the projects, including biodiversity protection and social programs for local communities.

Pacajai REDD+ Project

86 Tonnes

Para, Brazil

86T CO2 is equivalent to:


Ethereum Transactions



By volunteering to offset these emissions, THX Network is supporting quality, third-party certified projects with a range of additional social and environmental benefits.

What's Measured?

THX Protocol was not responsible for any direct scope-1 emissions through its operation. Given the service industry it is in, the majority of emissions can be attributed to scope 2 (2 tonnes) and scope 3 (primarily through business travel and crypto activities).

Scope 1 Emissions

0 Tonnes (0%)

Scope 1 encompasses direct emissions from resources under the organization's control (e.g. combustion of fuels to produce energy).(1) 0T CO2e - No Direct Emissions

Scope 2 Emissions

2 Tonnes (36%)

Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions associated with the purchase and consumption of energy.(1) 2T CO2e - Electricity Consumption

Scope 3 Emissions

3.58 Tonnes (64%)

Scope 3 encompasses emissions from sources which are not directly controlled by the organization, but are still related to the organization's activities.(1) 3.58T CO2e - Travel and blockchain-related emissions

View Certificates

For transparency and accountability, offsets are verified and retired on a third-party registry or blockchain. Click to download and view.