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You're right to feel skeptical. Here are the questions we are asked most often. If something is missing, you can contact us any time.

What exactly is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset unit represents the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2e) from the atmosphere or the avoidance of one tonne of emissions. Offset units are generated and sold by projects that deliver measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Offsets can be certified by one or multiple third-parties, like Gold Standard, Verra, and others.

For a project to be certified, the projects must satisfy the criteria of "additionality". This means that these projects depend on the revenue generated from the sale of offsets. In other words, without the sale of carbon offsets, the carbon reduction project would never have taken place!

What’s the difference between carbon offsets and renewable energy?

Renewable energy sources generate little to no carbon as they produce energy from natural resources that don’t run out or use fossil fuels, like solar (sun) and wind. Carbon offsetting involves investing in projects that prevent or reduce emissions being released. Because renewable energies displace fossil fuel energy, they can be used for carbon offset projects if they satisfy the certification criteria.

What offset projects will I be helping?

We source all of our credits from verified projects listed on the APX carbon registry. These include certified credits from renewable energy, reforestation initiatives, and methane capture. By offsetting your emissions through us, you are helping humanity move toward a carbon neutral and environmentally friendly future.

Why do we need Offsetra? Why can't we do this ourselves?

The Offsetra team curates high-impact and socially-driven sustainability projects which allow consumers and businesses to easily and sensibly offset their carbon emissions. There are thousands of carbon reduction projects out there, some much more legitimate and impactful than others. We have years of experience, plus access to an expert network with deep knowledge of carbon markets, rural community development, and biodiversity monitoring. With this knowledge we select strong projects that deliver robust environmental and social benefits.

Finally, we aim to accomplish much more than just registering curated offsets in your name. We are leveraging your contributions to reach the widest possible audience, and maximise the total impact of every dollar we receive!

Is offsetting really a solution to climate change?

Only where you can't avoid emitting yourself. Purchased offsets really do lead to measured and accountable emission reductions, though it's obvious we can't just buy our way out of the problem.

Purchased offsets are certainly a big part of the solution, however. Governments around the world have already implemented carbon taxes, caps, and trading schemes - these different policies all essentially have the same goal: making it more expensive to emit greenhouse gases.

Economists, politicians, and scientists agree that right now, carbon is way too cheap. So by taking part in the low-carbon economy, you help raise the price of carbon emissions, which makes emitting less attractive for everyone.

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