Support pro-climate projects.

Offset your business or yourself by supporting high-quality carbon reduction initiatives. We’re creating unique and interesting ways to maximize your positive impact.

High-impact, verified projects.
mangrovesMyanmar mangrove reforestation
Forest protection in BrazilForest protection in Brazil
forests_of_belizeConservation in Belize
forests_of_belizeWind energy in India
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Why Offsetra?

We don’t just sell certified offset credits. Offsetra is focused on the bigger picture: building trust, finding the best projects, and spreading the word.

Our Impact So Far

🌱 1,054,243 tonnes CO2e

Our Services

Corporate carbon footprint analysis

Bulk offsetting

Blockchain, NFT & crypto emissions expertise


Why Offset?

We have less than 12 years to avert unprecedented global catastrophe. Each and every one of us needs to dramatically and urgently reduce our carbon footprint.

Reduction is priority #1. But for many of us, some emissions are simply unavoidable. Certified carbon offset projects use your funding to make quantifiable emissions reductions on your behalf.


How does it work?

We find and raise money for high-impact, certified carbon reduction projects. The more money we raise, the more carbon we can offset.

These projects meet rigorous international standards, and could not continue without support from offsetters like you.

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