About us.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, academics, and developers determined to make a difference

Our Mission

Our founders and advisors are experienced in the tech, energy and sustainability sectors. We decided to come together and put our talents, time and passion towards something bigger. Offsetra has some specific goals that you can help us achieve:

  • Encourage everyone to participate in the low-carbon economy.
  • Support businesses in achieving their net zero ambitions.
  • Maximize the amount of climate finance diverted to high-impact carbon reduction projects.
  • Raise awareness and inspire climate action.
  • Leverage our network, capital and expertise to deliver on even more ambitious ideas!
  • Who We Are

    Alex Taylor

    Research & Consulting

    Brendan McGill

    Product Engineering

    Damien Schuster

    Growth & Partnerships

    Andrew Bonneau

    Projects & Carbon Markets

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    Company address

    Offsetra LLC, 1712 Carey Avenue Suite 202, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, USA

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