Bulk & custodial services.

If you are seeking interoperability with cutting-edge offset applications, stability in a rapidly-changing carbon market, or a higher level of service, we are here to help.

Offsetra is excited to introduce our new custodial offset service for bulk-buyers! Buy tonnes now, retire them later.


How does it work?

Custodial services are free-of-charge when purchasing 5,000 tonnes or more. There is no maximum order size.

Simply send an email to bulk@offsetra.com, let us know the quantity you’d like to purchase, and the estimated holding time. Payment is made up-front, but offsets can be held in our custodial account for up to 6 months.

Unlike our low-volume retail service, we allow our bulk and custodial customers to specify exactly what goes on the retirement certificate.

Unit-prices change based on quantity, project type, and (rapidly changing) market conditions.

A quick disclaimer...

At this time, we do not sell or deliver any assets other than retired carbon offset certificates from the Verra Carbon Registry. We are not liable for any activities that occur after our retirement transaction is completed. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.