Art Blocks has offset 25,230 tonnes of CO2.

"Blockchains make a platform like Art Blocks possible, but at the same time, blockchain tech is responsible for significant global energy consumption. Art Blocks is building a portfolio of sustainability and community initiatives in order to contribute in a positive way to our world. While purchasing carbon offset credits may not be a complete solution, we believe that by incorporating human friendly initiatives into the core culture of our project early on we can potentially set a precedent as this vibrant NFT ecosystem expands. Anything less is frankly a missed opportunity and we intend to lead by example." - Erick

Art Blocks has also offset tens-of-thousands of tonnes of CO2e across various other platforms outside of Offsetra, and will continue to retire more as the platform grows.

Verified Projects

By partnering with us, Art Blocks is investing in our verified projects. These verifications & standards are a testament to the strong co-benefits of the projects, including biodiversity protection and social programs for local communities.

Bull Run Forest Project

7,350 Tonnes

Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District, Belize

Guanaré Afforestation Project

500 Tonnes

Cerro Largo, Uruguay

Pacajai REDD+ Project

1,500 Tonnes

Para, Brazil

Gujarat Wind Power Project

1,814 Tonnes

Gujarat, India

Wind Power

2,630 Tonnes

Inner Mongolia, Asia

Wind power in Gujarat & Jaibhim

500 Tonnes

Gujarat & Jaibhim, India

Agrocortex Forest Project

2,500 Tonnes

States of Acre and Amazonas, Brazil

Devarahipparigi Wind Project

7,186 Tonnes

Karnataka, India

Rimba Raya REDD+

1,250 Tonnes

Borneo, Indonesia

25,230T CO2 is equivalent to:




Miles of Driving


Ethereum Transactions

By volunteering to offset these emissions, Art Blocks is supporting quality, third-party certified projects with a range of additional social and environmental benefits.

View Certificates

For transparency and accountability, offsets are verified and retired on a third-party registry or blockchain. Click to download and view.