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The Sandbox has offset 200,000 kilograms of CO2.

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform’s utility token. The vision is to offer a deeply immersive metaverse in which players can create virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without central authority.

The Sandbox has developed a Zero Carbon plan to address the environmental impact of NFTs. This commitment to addressing the environmental impact has led The Sandbox to offer Layer 2 solutions for their users, purchasing of carbon removal and offset projects, as well as supporting forest restoration initiatives.

As of June 28th, 2021 the company has retired a total of 550 tonnes of carbon offset credits (across Offsetra and other partners) and will continue its ongoing efforts to make a real impact in the physical world.

The Sandbox wants to set the standard for transparency and best practices in the world of NFTs and encourages a healthy discourse about the tools that can be used to reduce environmental impact and the uses of NFTs and blockchain technology.

200,000kg CO2 is equivalent to:

🍔 50,000 cheeseburgers

🐄 90 cows (annual emissions)

🚙 500,000 miles of driving (average passenger vehicle)

💳 17,667 Ethereum transactions.

By volunteering to offset these emissions, The Sandbox is supporting quality, third-party certified projects with a range of additional social and environmental benefits!

View carbon registry certificates:

2021-06 (.pdf) Agrocortex REDD Project - 100 Tonnes2021-06 (.pdf) Bull Run Forest Carbon Project - 100 Tonnes

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