Offset by the tonne.

Estimations place the social cost of carbon (the economic damage caused by every tonne you emit) as high as $300. Pay now, so future generations don’t have to.

Enter a desired quantity and select a preferred project below.

Choose a project

Support a forest protection and conservation project in Belize.
Support forest conservation and community development programs in Para, Brazil.
Displacing fossil fuels with 25 MW of wind power in Gujarat, India


What do I get when I offset?

✅ A shareable proof-of-retirement page with project and retirement information (powered by Klima Infinity)

✅ Permanent and immutable public record of offset retirement on the Polygon blockchain.

✅ KlimaDAO compatible - if you provide your Ethereum or Polygon wallet, you can create a Klima Infinity Pledge and your Offsetra retirement data will be automatically imported.

Why Offsetra?

- Fair, real-time pricing. We use open-source protocols to retire your chosen carbon project, which guarantees the lowest market rate.

- High-impact. We curate and invest in a small selection of the highest quality and best-value offset projects.

- Support our mission. We drive innovation in carbon offsetting through open-source projects like, our new Offset Retirement API, and transparent blockchain-powered offsets.

- Sustainability experts. We've helped organizations of all sizes measure their carbon footprint and take responsibility.

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